back to the light!!

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back to the light!!

by eazy4647

so guys tell me if this should be sufficient for me to have corals of all diff kinds.

36" (2x39daylight) w (2x39 w actinic) (3lunar lights) (36" x 7.25" x 2.5") for my 30 gallon. ;] and dats the nova extreme HO T5 fixture. or better yet heres the link ... 1+C33.aspx

should dat be sufficient?

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by saltwaterpimp

i think those light are good .they say t5 are the best compacts out right now .+ the bulbs are cheaper {i think} could grow most leathers, all shrooms, lps. and mabie some montipora digita..

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by makavelithedon963941

that will be perfect, i have t5's on my 40 gallon 3 x 39 watt daylight and 3 x 39 watt actinic + lunars (234 watts) and its werks great i keep both lps and sps, but make sure you place most lps twords the bottom of your tank.

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by angus4481

are you guys sure its right for his tank. most lights specs are based off of taller tanks.its only a 20 long tank, its shorter than most. maybe he should hang the light from the ceiling?

back to the light!!

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