pictures, votes and general profile question

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pictures, votes and general profile question

by Snowboss4492

I have added a couple pics to my profile and updated some info - - after a couple days everythhing updated - -as usual, but, I have an old pic accumulating votes and new pics not and i want to switch the pic that is on the display above my name in the forums.....anybody know how to do this with out trashing the profile and reloading it in the order you want the pics to appear????????? for example the main pic that is getting voted on is a "before" shot of the tank....and the pic I would rather have voted on isn't being voted on - - -call me vain Snowboss

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by spongebob4460

i've quit trying to understand which pics get voted on. Its hard enough for me to get the pic i want to be my main pic. I dont care much for the votes, but i care what pic represents my efforts, lol. If it means anything to u boss, i give u a 10 just for trying to figure it out.

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by Serial324556

I have the same problem. I'm guessing I have to just delete pictures and reupload them to get my tank as my default picture. When my new tank picture was approved is was my default picture for a couple of hours and now it's back to my pleco on the driftwood. Maybe a mod will see this and fix them :).

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by snowboss

T/Y sponge - at least know I'm not screaming into the wind alone

pictures, votes and general profile question

4 posts

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