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Rabbitfish questions

by blenny

Anything I should know about rabbitfish if I take the plunge and get one (or more?) for my tank?

They seem peaceful enough but have venomous spines from what I know so I suppose I'll need to watch out for them while doing water changes or if I need to move them ever but the spines shouldn't be a problem for other fish should they?

Do rabbitfish normally live together ok? Same species or different species mingling, even?

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Re: Rabbitfish questions

by kate_kuhli

AFAIK the spines aren't a problem for other fish.

I can't say for certain whether you could keep multiple rabbitfish together... Maybe a pair. With enough space it's certainly possible though. They aren't quite as intolerable as, say, tangs are - but I would still proceed with caution.

Which rabbitfish species were you thinking about? They can all get pretty big so you'll probably need a 90 gal min. even for the smaller (ex. 8 in) species.

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Re: Rabbitfish questions

by duskyangel

Rabbitfish are considered peaceful with other fish so you're okay there, but they're temperamental with other rabbitfish. I wouldn't put two together unless it was a large aquarium (200+ gallons) and unless I was willing/able to remove one of them if necessary. They might be fine for awhile and then become territorial as they get bigger.
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