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Favorite snails

by billy_corycat

I was just watching youtube aquarium videos and there was one video of someone showing off all their pest snails, which happened to be bladder snails. I'd never heard of bladder snails before and must say they're really cute! What's your favorite kinds of snails?

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Re: Favorite snails

by kate_kuhli

- Mystery - big, beautiful, come in different colors

- Nerite - bright and really cool looking appearance, some have horns, they can't breed in freshwater

- Assassin - because their diet is unique, and they can be useful to keep in the tank to prevent over-population in other snail species

- Malaysian Trumpet - I like their shape, small size and that they dig around which prevents toxic gas pockets from building up

- Japanese Trapdoor - fairly big and interesting looking snail, eats algae well
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