Appropriate Lionfish Care?

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Appropriate Lionfish Care?

by xxluckxx

I find lionfish to be really awesome fish and look forward to having one someday. Just looking to do some research for now - questions below!

1. Are the poison spines an issue when keeping them with other fish?
2. Are the dwarfs easier to care for?

I'm sure I'll think up more questions soon :D

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Appropriate Lionfish Care?

by saratang

Lionfish are generally peaceful so keeping them with other fish isn't a problem. They're venomous, yes, but that's more of an issue for us humans if we were to handle them!

The larger the tank the better. I would recommend no smaller than 40 gallon for the smaller lionfish. They're not really active fish but they do need room to swim and they require very clean water which is easier to maintain in a larger tank. They also need hiding places so they don't become stressed.

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Re: Appropriate Lionfish Care?

by reefer171

Yeah like saratang has said, lionfish aren't really the territorial sort (in fact, they can be shy). They can get along with most fish but they have fairly large mouths and are carnivores so don't put in any fish that can fit in their mouths.

And being venomous you need to be very careful whenever you have your hand in the aquarium.

I'm new to fish keeping but this is what I've learned so far! Fascinating fish for sure! Although I don't really know if they're good beginner fish.

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Re: Appropriate Lionfish Care?

by kate_kuhli

They're messy fish. You want good filtration and a really good skimmer!

Appropriate Lionfish Care?

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