What's your fish routine?

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What's your fish routine?

by kate_kuhli

Do you have any particular routine with how you take care of your fish?

At the moment (it varies sometimes) for me I've got:

Feed small amount in morning, around 7am
Feed small amount again at night, around 7pm
Turn on aquarium lights around 5 or 6pm and turn off before I go to bed
Water change on Saturday

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Re: What's your fish routine?

by lumi

I don't really have a set schedule :-x Probably should though, I do have a few tanks and it never hurts to be more organized so you can save time on the maintenance stuff and spend more time enjoying your fish! :)

I do make sure I do water changes on a Sunday however since it takes a fair bit of time.

What's your fish routine?

2 posts

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