Where to get a betta from

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Where to get a betta from

by nea7

I have an extra tank (a 5 gal) that I'm going to put on either my desk or a tabletop and use it to house a betta.

I don't know where to get a betta from though, I'm guessing it would be best to buy from a reliable source instead of a pet store? I know my local Petsmart has some nice looking bettas. I don't know what people's views are on pet store fish though?

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Re: Where to get a betta from

by lumi

OOh! I'm a big betta fan, good luck with your future betta!

You could look at aquabid. There's many betta breeders on there and there's definitely some reliable ones. Read some reviews on different sellers. You could even get a betta from a award winning line on aquabid if you wanted to.

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Re: Where to get a betta from

by fishwhisperer

The majority of big retailers and mom and pop pet stores get their betta fish shipped from the Far East. While it might not be the best place, it's convenient enough if you want something soon. As lumi said, online sources can be a good place to find breeders that have better quality and pedigree. However, you will pay a premium. Either way you should find yourself with a betta that I'm sure will make you happy and hopefully be happy. Happy betta hunting!

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Re: Where to get a betta from

by kate_kuhli

I always feel a bit uneasy about buying pets from big chain stores because I don't know how they've been kept and bred. So there's no way of knowing how healthy they are, if they've got parasites, etc. People often buy fish that quickly die and it's suspected that it's bad stock - just poorly bred fish.

So I'd much rather go to a local pet shop/local fish shop that I can trust to sell healthy fish. Or failing that, look online at stores/sellers that have good reviews.

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Re: Where to get a betta from

by ian06

You have some good suggestions here, I agree with what the above posters have said.

I do like to source my fish, but, saying that, there are plenty of people that get their bettas from Petsmart etc and have them live long healthy lives. So it's not like it's a death sentence or something. If necessary I'd buy from regular pet stores but I can afford to be a little more choosy and go on places like aquabid etc.

Where to get a betta from

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