tank for gift?

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by fish123

What do you think about giving someone a fish tank setup as a Christmas gift? I have a cousin that's very interested in my fish so I was thinking of getting her a small tank with all the basic supplies?

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Re: tank for gift?

by nea7

Make sure there's care instructions and point her to forums like this one so she can ask questions and seek advice. Of course, she can ask you questions as well but I find forums to offer invaluable advice since there's lots of people with lots of different experiences when you ask on a forum.

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Re: tank for gift?

by lumi

Explain the cycling process to her if you haven't already and make sure she understands that she can't put any fish in the tank until it's finished cycling. It will probably be a bit disappointing to her to have to wait, but a lot less disappointing than her fish dying right off the bat!

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Re: tank for gift?

by ian06

I think when giving any live animal as a present you just have to make sure the person will be responsible and that they truly want the responsibility and not just fancy the idea of having x pet. With fish it's probably better to just give them an aquarium and let them choose when to get the fish. Especially considering the tank will need time to cycle unless you had already set it up a few weeks ahead of time. tank for gift?

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