Safe rocks?

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Safe rocks?

by tetrafan

I have some new rocks, well stones really I guess. They're really neat and smooth and rounded so I thought they would look really nice in one of my aquariums. How do I tell if they're aquarium safe though? I don't want to throw off the PH.

Also, how do I clean them? They have moss and dirt all over them.

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Re: Safe rocks?

by blenny

Try pouring vinegar on them, if they fizz then they're not safe. If they don't fizz they're fine.

As for cleaning I would first give them a good scrub with a toothbrush and maybe vinegar. That ought to get rid of most of the dirt. Then rinse well.

Soaking in a bucket of water will 'soften up' any particularly muddy portions of the rocks, making them easier to scrub.

Safe rocks?

2 posts

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