Help! What is wrong with my plants/fish??

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Help! What is wrong with my plants/fish??

by battlestown


I've recently decided to set up my tank again after having it sit in my garage for a long long time! To start off with, I cleaned it and bought some bags of sand, some wood and a few stones from a local fish store. I then filled it with water and left it to run with the filter/heater for a week. I made sure the tank wasn't in direct sunlight/by drafts etc.

after a week I went and bought some plants for my tank from pets at home. I bought a few plants, I don't know the name of them but you'll see them in the photos, and I then left them in the tank for another week-ish. The plants were perfectly healthy and didn't show any signs of illness and so I decided to buy my first lot of fish. I went back to pets at home and bought four male guppies, and was told my 65L tank would be more than enough for them.

Everything was fine for the first 2-3 days but that I started to notice on the tall plant at the back some minor discolouration on the leaves. I was not too concerned so left it and then did not look very closely at the tank (only to feed the fish) but then about two days after noticing the discolouration I saw that the leaves had lost all their colour and were now yellowish and slightly transparent?? I also had another plant which had reddish stems and wide leaves had also started to get a 'wrinkly' appearance after the leaves being smooth all the time? The ends of some of the leaves have now started to break down and there are some dead patches. On the same plant there is a very small amount of what looks like white fuzz growing on the end of the leaf.

I also noticed one of my guppies has developed some black stripes on its tail that were not there before(the tail was completely red with no markings) I can't seem to find anything telling me what it is?

So, how would I fix this?
[attachment=0]IMG_4454.JPG[/attachment] The one male guppy who has recently developed some black marks on its tail. It seems to only be superficial at the moment as his behaviour is normal and he is still eating. All the other 3 guppies are looking fine.[attachment=1]IMG_4450.JPG[/attachment] The same plant with dead tips/white fuzz growing on it (this is the only tip that has the fuzz on it so far
[attachment=2]IMG_4443.JPG[/attachment] The second plant with brown/dead areas
[attachment=3]IMG_4442.JPG[/attachment] The tall plant with yellow/transparent leaves

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Re: Help! What is wrong with my plants/fish??

by fishbones

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Help! What is wrong with my plants/fish??

2 posts

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