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by mort

So.. After a broken tank, a break-up and a friend moving to Tauranga, I have ended up with a lot of fish in my 100ish litre tank.

I'm not a newbie, nor ignorant of the realities of fish behaviour but the following situation is what I am dealing with..

10 Neon Tetras
5 Bright Orange High Fin Platys
3 (relativley young) Angelfish
2 Otocinclus
1 Bristle nose Pleco (2.5inches and growing)
1 Female Betta (the mother of..)
3 young baby betta (currently unsexed - and un agressive)
2 Zebra corys
2 Yellow Gouramis

..all in the one tank.

They look absolutely amazing together!

This is obviously not a very good situation, and I have put a UV purifier in with them and turned the filter flow to max flow+aeration to try help the water situation. I am also changing 20 litres of water every other day to help unburden the filters.

Water quality aside, I am paying close attention to any bullying and have separators at the ready if anything looks problematic. The thing is though, they are all getting along swimmingly.

To reiterate, this is clearly not a permanent situation and I have adopted fish that would have otherwise be euthanised while waiting to sort something better out..

..I'm just surprised at how peaceful the tank is. I'm wondering if because there is so much going on in there that natural aggressiveness is taking a back seat (maybe temporarily, though its been 3 weeks).

I'm feeding lesser amounts more regulaly to try keep them all busy as well. ITs actually a challenge making sure they all get something to eat!

I guess I dont have any real questions, I just wanted to share my stressful story but if anyone has any thoughts about this, let me know.

Or if anyone is in Auckland, New Zealand and wants a few free fish, also get in touch!

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Re: Overcrowding

by guru

You said you have a slight probs with feeding. i got an idea why dont you get one of the breeding tray an place the Betta in it so there's less aggression in the tanks.... save a few fins.. lol


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