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by ckracer33

I bought a 125gallon aquarium and it came with 3 Aqueon QuietFlow Model 55/75 frome what i have figured out 2 is sufficient but 3 wont hurt. I would like to upgrade to a canaster filter system eventually bjt for now this is what i have. Is thia a ok setup.

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Re: filtration

by sype2470

Depends on what types of fish you want in there. Are you going to have live plants? Eventually you will definitely need at least 2 canister filters rated 25 to 50 over. So, two that serves 100 gallons or more.

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Re: filtration

by rydudeski

I use 2 x Fluval 306 Cans on my 60 gallon and it's very clear.

I clean my cans on a 2 month basis. Putting new carbon and floss pads in. I clean all sponges and impellor. Leave the bio media alone when cleaning these cans.

I have it offset so that I clean either the left or right can every month.

Weekly 20% water changes.

I also have close to 30 cichlids roaming around my main tank right now (fry escaped) lol

Keepin me busy though! =)

I suggest getting some fans too, I found once I added the 900gph fan I have now, no poo ever settles on the bottom. Always suspended, gets circulated, chewed, spat out by the fan and turned into tiny little particles that ends up getting sucked up by my 2 cans.

I also use a Aquaclear Powerhead with Quick Filter and that thing man, I tell ya, collects practically all the poo. Sure is a work horse for the price!


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