Electric blue ram

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Electric blue ram

by cazersfish


My eletric blue ram has shiny spots on it, is this normal?

I tried taking a pic but he/she always moves. This is the best pic I've got.

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Re: Electric blue ram

by electicblue1977

That looks suspiciously like white spot to me. Have you noticed this on any of your other fish?

- Be sure that the temp of your water is same as tank when doing PWC's - if it is considerably colder this will shock the fish and bring about white-spot.

If it is definitely white spot, treat it quicky!
- Online or local LFS will stock treatment for white spot
- You'll need to crank up the temp in your tank to about 30'c - white spot cannot survive in a tank of that temp
- Make sure you provide extra air pumps/oxygen whilst you have the temp up and are treating for white spot.

Electric blue ram

2 posts

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