Colorful Freshwater Tank

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Colorful Freshwater Tank

by siaan

Hello all...

Just bought a new 120 gallon Acrylic tank ( 150 L x 50 W x 82 H ) with sump filteration,
900 W heater and UV light.

I would love to have a colorful tank with "Discus or Lake Malawi chichlids...."

Kindly advice which one of the above would be easy to maintain.

Thanks a million in advance

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Re: Colorful Freshwater Tank

by stellyj11

Hey! Sounds like you're in for some fun! I prefer the personalities of South American Cichlids more than Africans but if you're purely looking for color then Lake Malawi is the way to go. In a 120 gallon you can follow the 1inch rule but consider this, the more Africans you have the more the aggression is spread out. So the 1inch rule can be bent a little in your case but not by much. Don't go too crazy ;) Make sure that #1 you have a ton of stone hiding places for them so they can turn a corner to get away from their attackers (this is not a peaceful place to be). Driftwood is not necessary because all it will do is lower your PH which Africans do not need. Hope this helped! Good luck ^.^

Colorful Freshwater Tank

2 posts

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