now I'm just being picky

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now I'm just being picky

by Snowboss4492

hey all, i think it's confuseing to follow a post and then have someone respond to a statement in the middle of it - -then the post doesn't read in order - -i've gone back to read past posts that a couple people have dropped lines into it and wow - -it looks like we are all smokin crack or something....LOL - -if i might add a suggestion - -post all replies on the last statement posted and we can scroll up to see whats up

example: "any takers" in the salt water forum - -reads pretty straight till you get to the 2nd and 3rd pages

sorry to be so picky - -maybe someone else is thinking the same thing? or am ijust being a baby? LOL all be safe -the snowboss

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lol your too funny man...I did notice that..i guess its because sometimes you need to reply to someones post that may not be the last one. People would need to reply to the last post but reference the old post to be in order like you want boss.

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by saltwaterpimp

i agree this site needs to change a few things including the clock.

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by gumbii

i don't get it... lol...

but i know this forum is hard to get used to... i would like a qoute box, and some other stuff... how about switching to a V3 forum or something...

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by Peterkarig3210

What's that gumbii?

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by snowboss

go check out "tractorbynet" they have a quote box where you clic on any given statement, it posts it as a quote and then your reply is under it - - but it puts your post at the end of the line which gives us the oportunity to scroll back and see what was said without haveing to have followed the entire post to see whats what

I don't know what V3 is either - -unless it's what I just said, lol

And yeah - -this dam clock thing is driving me nuts , small things eh?

now I'm just being picky

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