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by eazy4647

hey guys im sorry im pretty sure someone asked this before but i cant find the thread. i have a brown algea takin over my tank. its fairly new. so can anyone please tell me how to rid it? i have it on my sand bed. on my rocks on my glass ;[ please help.!

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Your nitrates might be high. Algae scraper and a 5% water change should do it. It can also be high phosphates. Check your water before you change to pinpoint problem so it doesn't continue...lastly I hope your not overfeeding ...that about wraps it up

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by singapore

i asked the same question a while back, all u can do is scrape it off ur glass and do a water change, jus like what the person above said. it has taken about 3 weeks, and now the brown stuf is dying off and slowly getting replaced with green. someone said that once the green stuff runs its course, the good coraline algae will take over. so yeah, just keep ur glass clean, and keep ur water clean as well. (nitrates are killers)

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by Snowboss4492

YUP - -im 3 weeks into the brown crap right now - the green is taking over on the live rock - -and i meen green -beautiful color - -not pond scum green like i was half expecting - I blow off [gently] everything with a turkey baster everyday [wifes not happy about me stealing her baster, lol] and I've added a protien skimmer and run it wide open - -which has REALLY helped knock this junk out

your doing good bud - -keep it up and be patient

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