ich in 3 week old tank

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ich in 3 week old tank

by mazap

So our tank has been established for about 3 weeks now. Going along pretty well. Have 3 tetra glo light fish and 3 red barb ( I think) they are actually a deep orange color with black tails. Anyways we decided to introduce a placasimus (please excuse the spelling!) to our tank. The original fish were purchased at a locally-owned and most excellent aquarium store. The last was purchased at a big chain fish store rhyming with walmart ;)

The first placasimus (named by kids as "stucky") was dead within 48 hours, a reddish area around the mouth and my husband took it back to the store, they looked at it and said yes, it was sick, sorry and we'll give you a new one. So "stucky #2" entered our tank Fri pm ( it is now Mon evening). Sunday our barbs started acting weird like jamming themselves into this feathery fake plant we have in there, and today continued with the same. The tetra glo fish are no longer schooling and just swimming errantly around. Well, tonight after kids to bed, looked closely and saw what appears to be ich. Dashed to the fish store before closing to get "pimafix" and put first dose in tonight and also removing the carbon filter.

Are there any other things I should be doing? I assume I am just to follow treatment directions on bottle. But afterwards is there anything else I should be doing to prevent reinfection? What do you think chances are the darn placasimus from giant pet chain was infected and then brought it into our tank? Any advice from some seasoned pros would be welcomed. Just write replies simply please as I am a freshwater tank newbie and am trying to learn the ropes and lingo. TIA!!

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Re: ich in 3 week old tank

by mcfaddy212000

The first thing I can see wrong is you didn't say what your water perimeters are. Do you know what these are? Do you have a test kit? Strips or liquid test kit? If you don't have one don't buy the strips they read inaccurate I recommend using the api master test kit.

The second thing I can see wrong is that 3 weeks isn't long enough to cycle a tank. If you don't know what this is ask and ill send you a link to make it easy. Actually Ill just send it lol
Here is one for fish in cycling since you already have fish
http://www.aquariumadvice.com/fishin-cy ... dark-side/

The third thing is with ich you shouldn't need meds to cure it all you need to do is raise your water to 86 degrees fahrenheit slowly over the next few days and it should go away on its own.

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Re: ich in 3 week old tank

by natalie265

First of all, yes, there is a very good chance the (rhymes with Walmart) fish introduced ich to your tank. I had the same thing happen when i bought a fish from a store that ryhmes with Petsmart.

I agree w/mcfaddy that you need a test kit. Ich is a disease that often pops up when water quality is bad. If you are unfamiliar with cycling a tank, please check out the link he provided.

Lastly, i disagree on the best way to treat ich. Ich medications are safe and effective. I've never attempted to treat ich by raising the temperature, so i can't say that it doesn't work, but raising the temp on an already compromised fish seems like a bad idea. I'd stick with the medication.

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Re: ich in 3 week old tank

by dream2reef

Raise your temp bout mmmmmmm sayyyy 3-5 degrees slowly over some hours I've never really waited because it's such a small heater it takes forever anyways the fish may get a lil aggressive and it takes about 2 weeks given the cycle of the lil ichshitz then a lil longer jus to be safe and then ich free and no shopping spree for meds thank god but maybe it's safer then raising the temp I've never tried...did that all in one breath sorry bout the runon I took a breath right after the mmm's.

ich in 3 week old tank

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