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My filter died today

by flyinsolo

It has been several months since my last post here, but I have been a regular visitor and have benefited a lot from the advice in all the beginner threads. My tank has ran smoothly for months, but my filter died today and the only pet store in town won't have another anywhere close to replacement size until Tuesday. All they have are the really big and really small.
I have a thirty gallon tank with 5 tiger barb, 5 guppy, 4 cory catfish.

Everything I have read leads me to believe I that not feeding and doing small daily changes should get me through the next four days, but I would really like any feedback if anyone has time.

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Re: My filter died today

by natalie265

Keep your filter media (the sponge, bio wheel or whatever) wet and as aerated as possible. If you have an air pump wrap the sponge around an airstone and keep it in your tank. This will provide some filtration and keep your beneficial bacteria alive until your new filter arrives.

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Re: My filter died today

by yasherkoach

Every other day, liquid test for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate to be sure that all is fine in the tank as you await the new filter.

So as long as the chemicals are within their parameters, you'll be fine.
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