Weight of 55 gallon tank

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Weight of 55 gallon tank

by Fishing4ideas

What concerns do you have about the weight of medium-large tanks?

I'm considering getting a 55 gallon.

We have a hardwood floor with crawlspace (not a slab house).

Does the type of stand play into more evenly and safely distributing the tank's weight? What do I need to look out for?


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Re: Weight of 55 gallon tank

by OkeeArt

What is the sub flooring like?
What size are the joists? I have 2 different 55 gallon tanks in one stand on wood floors.
Check the setup in my profile.

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Re: Weight of 55 gallon tank

by Brikemond2250

1) The only concern is that you have to keep your 55 gallon DOWNSTAIRS in a cool room. When the hot air rises so will your tank temperture. On the other hand if you have the extra cash lying around you can go out and get a $300 chiller for your tank. I would just best bet keep it down stairs.

But yeah...

.....we have ours on our dresser on a hard wood floor and yes we too have a crawlspace. Its a stable one and with water and rocks our tank is about 700lbs. Check it out. We have a stand but the dresser was higher and just collected dust.

Next....earthquake insurance...LOL

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by Poetic_Irony2267

as far as the weight goes the average for estimating a tank with out large rocks in it would be roughly 10lbs a gallon. if you are looking for even weight distribution i would suggest the cabinet style stand so the weight is distributed over more surface area. the other reason i suggest a cabinet stand is this, if your tank is going to be a display piece where everyone will be able to see it, you will want to hide your accessories, the filter cords and the air pump etc, these are all things to consider when setting up a tank that will be a display tank, just remember if you need to and your house is on piers, you can always slide under the house and reinforce the area where you are placing the tank so that your floor doesn't warp over time.

i hope this information helps.
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by tyl888

make sure you place the tank perpendicular to the floor joists and you will be ok.

Weight of 55 gallon tank

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