Shrimp/Crayfish babies

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Shrimp/Crayfish babies

by DanDman18

About a month ago my lfs gave me some small about .5" red freshwater "shrimp," probably crayfish i don't know, anyway they are a little less than 1 inch now, but i also noticed there was a much tinyier (about .25") baby one, so what i am wondering is how small do they need to be to mate, and about how many babies could there be hiding?

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by natalie265

It's difficult to answer your questions without knowing exactly what they are. Could they be red cherry shrimp? If so, the .5"ers are probably adults and could breed in your tank.

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by Alasse

They look like Cherry Shrimp to me for sure

The females get a saddle pattern on their backs and are the brilliant red, the males are a duller red and no mark.

Awesome little shrimpies. The big one in your pic is adult size.

Some of mine
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Shrimp/Crayfish babies

3 posts

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