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Newb Questions

by Ashleigh

Basic info: 29gal tank with 7 goldfish. 1 1/2 - 2 inches long each. Mix of common and comet goldies.
Has a cheap filter, dont know the brand or what not. And has a air stone bubbler.
Video 1:
Video 2:

5gal tank with 1 male Betta
Only has a heater.
Rodger's Story:

Purchased a male Betta 3 years ago, recently died a month ago. Got another one, Rodger about 2 weeks ago.

Got my goldfish about 2 months ago. Had 12, 5 died within a week. 7 still thriving and loving life.

All of them seem to have 3 or 4 scales missing. (Or just really white) They have had this sense I got them, is there something wrong? It doesn't seem to bother them. No other symptoms like crashing into rocks or itching. And they do not fight! They are the friendliest fish ever.

I have heard about Cycling. What is that?
I never let my tanks run for days before adding fish. I set it up, add conditioner and put them in about an hour later (after leaving the bag in the water for temp and adding some water to get use to it.)

Should I replace all the water at some point?
My gold fish tank I take out half the water once a week and put new in. Once a month I take out all the water, rinse rocks and add new.. The Betta I take out all water, rinse the rocks and add new water. I do this twice a month.

I am also thinking of getting another Betta, but putting him in a 3gal. Yes? No?

Any advice you got for me would be great.
I'm still learning so please be kind.

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by Alasse

Hiya Ashleigh :)

A 29gal is ok for 2-3 goldfish, definately not 7 sorry. They grow fast and a very heavy on your tanks bioload. I know they are small now and seem ok, but trust me you are not doing them any favors by keeping them in an undersized tank. They will end up stunting their growth and this in turn will drastically shorten their lifespan. A well cared for goldfish can live for 20+yrs and reach lengths of 1ft or more.

Cycling is what you tank must do to become a healthy stable enviroment for your fish.
There is quite a bit to explain so here are some is your friend :) ... ncycle.htm
Not running your tanks through the cycle before adding your 12 goldfish is exactly why you lost 5 in a week, the tank was toxic as its trying to cycle. The tank needs time to become stable, you need to add fish slowly over time. Fully stocking a tank from the start is ONLY for the experienced and definately not recommeded for beginners. It can even be dangerous for the experienced to do so if they are not very vigilent. It doesnt take days to cycle a tank either it generally takes at least 4 weeks.

No need to replace all the water if you can help it, 50% or less is sufficient at a time.
NEVER take out the gravel and clean them, you run the risk of killing you beneficial bacteria that colonize it, this in turn will make your tank restart the cycle process.

When you are doing your water changes just dig the gravel cleaner into the gravel and it will suck out any detrius as the water is being removed.

A 3gal tank will be ok for a betta. If you live where it gets cold though it will require a heater, and at the least a small sponge filter

If you need anything else please ask, we all started somewhere, and most have been in the same place as yourself :)

I've just setup a brand new 75gal tank, it has been running for around 1 week, is not stocked nor am i feeding the tank, so my cycle wont have started properly yet. I cycle with fish, so on the weekend i will be adding a new canister filter to the tank, to lessen cycling problems i will be taking some filter media from 2 other established (fully cycled tanks with lots of beneficial bacteria) canisters. These will help kickstart my new tank.

If you can get you hands on some media from a friends filter (somefilter wool or such) that will help you immensely.
You do though really need to rehome at least 4 of your goldies, 2-3 is the absolute maximum goldies your 29gal will be able to hold.

You really should get yourself a test kit also, one that does Ammonia, NitrIte & NitrAte. These 3 need to be watched on a regular basis. Even an established tank can crash if the balance goes out of whack

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by natalie265

Welcome to the hobby and welcome to our forum. I agree with everything that Alasse said above, except i want to clarify one thing. A 29 gallon tank is big enough for 2-3 comet or common goldfish only temporarily. As she stated, these fish grow up to a foot or more. 29 gallons isn't enough space for a twelve inch fish to even turn around. Eventually they need a nice, big pond. Fantails and other fancy goldfish don't grow quite so big. You could maybe get away with keeping a couple in a 30 gallon, but i think even fantails need at least 55 gallons.

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by Ashleigh

Thanks guys!

I do understand gold fish grow big and fast. I'm keeping an eye on things. I know someone with a pond who will gladly take them when they out grow the tank.

My mother has another 29 gal tank that she is not using. Ill set that up for 3-4 of them.

Thanks for clearing up what cycling is. I never knew it was so important.

Again, thanks a lot.

Newb Questions

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