Solar System in my house and my fishtanks.

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Solar System in my house and my fishtanks.

by liam1995

I am wondering if anyone's house is powered by solar. I am in rural Australia and my house is powered completely by the sun. I have a 20 gallon tropical freshwater tank and a 10 gallon cold water tank with a yabbie. I have internal filters and heaters in both tanks and i also have flourescent lights. Because the solar system has an inverter, it means that I can't constantly be running the filters etc. I run the filters, lights and heaters for about 8-9 hours a day. I have been doing this now for over a year and have had no major problems with the tanks and algae build up and fish dying because of temperature fluctuations. I have community fish e.g angels and corydoras. Do any other forumers have solar powered tanks? Discuss

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by djjai_h

Can u pls upload ur solar system photos here....

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by Okiimiru

Different filters have different tolerances for power outages. In a fluidized bed filter, where the particles would all compact without flow and squish the beneficial bacteria, a power outage can be devastating. In a wet dry drip filter with large damp surface areas and low flow, it's probably not as big a deal.

What kind of filter do you have? Can you be specific?

Solar System in my house and my fishtanks.

3 posts

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