55Gal Freshwater Aquarium

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by Ezeanes

Why dont u save the fry and sell to your lfs I just sold 30 of mine and got 90 bucks it a good idea

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by DanDman18

His lfs might not buy from people. Such as mine, i mentioned i had baby cichlids and they said."hope you get rid of 'em but we won't take em."

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by LUVMUFF9326

yeah my mom n pop lfs breed their own now, i used to trade babies 4 food but cant no more n the 3 ''chain stores'' will only adopt ( 4 free ) so thats y i bought the pirhana. but i must say hes getting big quick n very healthy

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by yasherkoach

live plants would be a nice layout

55Gal Freshwater Aquarium

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