GE 100% Pure Silicon II

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GE 100% Pure Silicon II

by sweetlou

Trust me it killed mine.....I used it on a DYI of lava rock guttering and it is highly toxic.
Read the label.....states do not use below the waterline according to FDA compliance, or aquariums.
I called GE and they stated....."our 100% pure silicon II has a mold and mildew inhibitor and it will kill your fish" again DO NOT USE IT!

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by Alasse

I would have thought the "do not use below the waterline according to FDA compliance, or aquariums." would have made you realise its not safe????

Read the label before use next time, i do

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by FindingNemo

Sorry to hear that you lost your fish....but If you want a safe form of silicon use FERNOX LS-X leak sealer....It might sound strange but trust me it works or it did do when my friend used it a many years ago (I don't know if it is still safe to use in aquariums as they might of changed the compound (SO I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DEAD FISH AFTER USING THIS PRODUCT!!!) But it is worth a look as he didn't lose a single fish after using it.....PLEASE READ ALL LABEL BEFORE PUTTING IT IN OR ANY OTHER SUBSTANCE IN YOUR FISH TANK.

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by a1k8t31524

use only silicone 1

GE 100% Pure Silicon II

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