Tanked the TV show

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Tanked the TV show

by oscarrob08

Before I say anything, if you have seen this show what is your opinion of it?

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by roxybella

I like it. Those guys crack me up with their practical jokes.

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by mcfaddy212000

For myself : I liked it it gave me a lot to think about when setting up my last tank.
For a rookie or someone thinking about going into it : probably not the best show since they skip a lot of key parts.

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by Alasse

I like it

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by natalie265

I don't like it. Those guys are idiots and most of their tanks are so cheesy and gimmicky and artificial. Still, wouldn't it be nice to get paid to design and build huge budget fish tanks? I admit, i do get sucked into the show. The tanks are impressive in a way, even though most of them are so completely not my style.

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by dream2reef

I've not seen this one yet but I'm already hooked!

Tanked the TV show

6 posts

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