Aquascaping for Large Catfish...

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Aquascaping for Large Catfish...

by Balls


I have two large catfish that are just under 12" long. They won't get much bigger.

I am looking for aquascaping inspiration on how to aquascape for catfish this size.

They are driftwood cats which basically means they like to sit still for long periods of time in/on some bogwood. They don't require a huge amount of swimming space as they tend to simply hover when active. Usually up against the glass rather than flat to the substrate.

Amazon/River Negro setup would be good.

Just wondering if there is anything like that on ratemyfishtank?


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by neontank

welcome to the forum they sound like cool fish what size is your tank i find inspiration by going through and rating fish tanks i recomend a large peice of driftwood through the middle with a sandy gravle substrate and dark stringy plants not sure what they would they be called really sorta densly planted

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by Okiimiru

Do these tanks match what you're looking for? ... y=1&vol=-1

This one got the highest rating for a driftwood tank out of those: ... l=-1&id=29

Aquascaping for Large Catfish...

3 posts

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