150 gallon tank

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150 gallon tank

by cazersfish

how much would it cost to buy good equipment for a 150 gallon reef tank and could you tell me the names of the equipment please.

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by tangerine

this question a tad general to answer.will depends on where your location is at,what type of corals you would be keeping etc.
here's a general list of equipments you would need,some are optional depending on your livestocks requirements.

a skimmer suitably rated for your tank.
Calcium Reactor(optional)
timer for lights
chiller or heater

that's about all i can think off at the moment.

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by dream2reef

Better start with at least a grand. I'm shooting for taxes if my girlfriend will let me lol.

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by richie1m13441

I have no sump ;no skimmer or wet dry filter in my 125 gallon reef tank. why dont you yake a look at my post.keep me posted.

150 gallon tank

4 posts

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