Saltwater tanks in general

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Saltwater tanks in general

by DanDman18

I was thinking of starting a saltwater tank, but was wondering on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to keep one?

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by pnavarro170

what is your prior experience and what size you thinking of getting ?

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by mad87man

I have had 2. One was a 29 gallon and just had 2 clownfish was pretty easy to keep. I also had/have a 120 gallon now and it is pretty easy. Just read a lot about it and go slow and get some hearty fish.

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by pro68camaro

I just started one and im happy with my results so far. Id start with some hardy fish at first. clowns and damsels are easy. do you research and you should be fine. on a scale one to ten id say its a 3 with ten being the hardest. but it depends in what fish and corals you get. id suggest you visit dr. foster and smiths fish website at they give you alot of info on fish and corals and inverts. you can order all sorts of kinds of fish from them. you can call 1-800-344-3699 which is there number they can give you all shorts of advice.

Saltwater tanks in general

4 posts

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