sand vs. rocks

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sand vs. rocks

by LUVMUFF9326

i work in a warehouse selling pool n spa supplies n got a 50 pound bag of quartz sand 4 $5 n rescaped 1 of my 55g tanks and after seeing how much more realistic it looks im redoing my other 55g n 30g with sand, highly recommended to ne 1 looking 4 that real natural look.just my opinion and thought id share that.

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by Alasse

I have sand in some tanks and gravel in others. Depends on whats in the tank and the look i'm after.

I just switched my 3ft planted over to white sand from black gravel, i'm looking at getting some cories for the tank, they will appreciated the sand more

I'm looking at changing my oscars over to sand, just gotta find a heavier sand i like (or my filter will eat it *L*)

My maingano are already on black sand

Peps are on white sand

Cherry shrimp are on white sand

2.5ft is both gravel and white sand

Woodscape nano is white sand

Sand requires more maintenance as detrius shows up on it so easily, but added bonus of knowing it needs a clean. Yay for my trusty turkey baster *LOL*

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by neontank

was going to go for sand for my new setup today but decided to stick with what i know and whent for gravel

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by drseuss74

My cichlid tank has CaribSea Aquarium black and whte sand. It looks awesome and brings out the color in my fish. It is very easy to clean and my tank is almost never cloudy, even with my little friends moving it around.
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by dream2reef

I use cichlid sand to buffer the water ivory coast. Earthtones is the look I'm going for.

sand vs. rocks

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