Score! Free aquarium!

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Score! Free aquarium!

by natalie265

My eye doctor just offered me an aquarium that he has sitting in his garage! Not that i have the space in my house for another fish tank, but how could i say no? Supposedly fully equipped. Sounds like about 55 gallons based on his description. I pick it up in a couple of weeks!

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by charleswalker85

Good deal.

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by neontank

Good work

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by dream2reef

LUCKY! Always nice to toss a smaller tank and upgrade! I almost had two free ones once when my sis moved into an apartment. I, doing the right thing, didn't take it w/o asking the owner. I knew it had been left by an old renter but just wanted the ok. Next night gone :( Nice one. late reply lol

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by cwilkin

lemme know how it goes!

Score! Free aquarium!

5 posts

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