upgraded fish tank...how long wait to add main fish...

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upgraded fish tank...how long wait to add main fish...

by adeaidyady

ok so i upgrade from a 12 gallon to 45 gallon recently...transfered over about 1/4 of the water from old tank and move almost all the rocks too.

also ive moved the filter material from my old filter into the new filter which is an external eheim 2213 canister...

added a few fish ...neon ...barbs etc for about 3 days now....seems to be no probs and water is really clear...

what i want to know is how long more should i wait before i add my 2 yrs old common pleco and red tailed black shark....



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by tekneb

Wait until you know the tank has fully cycled. Ammonia and nitrites should be zero, nitrates should be around 20 ppm.

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by devind

Test for Ammonia/nitrates/nitrites. Moving over the filter material and substrate/decorations increases the rate of cycling. for a 45 gal tank, i would give it 48 hours after startup before testing, as some tap water can throw off readings. If after 48 hours, your Nitrites are at or below 20ppm and amonia/nitrates are at 0, it should be safe to move. You are only moving a couple of fish, so it shouldnt have a HUGE impact on the bioload of the tank.

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by dream2reef

Add about 5 various cichlids let them eat your community fish and you'll thank me later. They will live through anything also jus sayin. I've put mine through hell and they are thriving and multiplying!




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upgraded fish tank...how long wait to add main fish...

4 posts

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