Hard Fish (Want to know)

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Hard Fish (Want to know)

by mankup007

Hello Everyone,

I was just thinking about a kind of fish which need quite less maintain the reason is that I have made my own tank (20 gallon) and I have some fishes in that, But now there is little problem like anchor worm and ich. Since I live 400 KMs away from my home town (Studying) and my parents look after the tank, and you know that they don't understand how to see that fish is in good health or not. So I was thinking to gave my old fish in a pet store and so that I can get a kind of fish which is like more stable and hard and don't need much care and the fish don't get fever etc etc. I am from India.

Thanks in advanced Bye bye take care....

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by esk98

try fish like gold fish or tetras

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by Alasse

All fish need care.

Goldfish definately would not be suitable, they are an extremely messy fish and require regular water changes and gravel cleans

Not meaning to be harsh, but honestly, your parents should not be lumbered with caring for your fish. Either take the tank to where you are, or shut it down until you have finished studying and are able to care for them yourself

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by dream2reef

I have four fancy tailed in a 55 that I never clean nor change. My tank is always right on. It's actually my best tank in the house lol. I've heard tons that they are messy I just don't see it. But they do all clean the rocks for me. It's so funny. Ciclids are easy. Most fish are easy it's just knowing when to change the water and how much Just educate them like anyone would anyone. Good luck and have fun

Hard Fish (Want to know)

4 posts

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