Set up for a 75 gallon

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Set up for a 75 gallon

by freshwaterpleco

How do you set up a 75 gallon. Iv'e kept 2 tanks before and bred fish sucsessfully but this is the first time for me taking on a tank over 31 gallons. I know the cycles and all that. I was also wondering what kind of filter i should use. A canister sounds good. Where should i place the tank?

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by spongebob4460

try messaging prskiller, as they just setup a 75 gallon and would have specific helpful advice

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by prskiller

I got a Rena XP3 for my 75g. tank and it is working out great. I'd say if you have community tank that should be enough filter but since mines will house a oscar and pleco I will get me another filter once they get big. I scored this filter on ebay for $108. brand new from JC Aquatics. This is my first big tank and the first time I used a canister filter and it was really easy to set up and I find it really easy to maintain. The only thing is this filter does not come with the bio-media so you'll have to get that separately. One more note: Fishless cycle is the way to go, I'm doing it right now to my 29g tank and will move my fish in there and do it to the 75g tank.

Place the tank wherever you please but of coarse out of the suns rays. I got mines in my bedroom.

Set up for a 75 gallon

3 posts

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