need help asap pls

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need help asap pls

by dolphinx

hi ppls i have a gold severum and a texas cichlid and they have been getting on realy well in fact i have just witnessed them laying eggs and he was fertilizeing i thinf they r both very protective of the eggs, my question is do they normally cross breed and wat do i do with eggs to help them? help pls

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by yasherkoach

no "expert" in this area...sure there must be someone on this forum to help you

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by Alasse

Sorry no too sure on this pairing. Though having said that i would leave the eggs with them, if the turn white then you will know they werent viable, if ya get fry then yes they will crossbreed :D

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by doogle

i have fry now that a red zebra-[african cichlids] just had. i believe the dominate male who is a blue cobalt fertalized her. so if thats how it went down they will be crossed. interested to hear/see what happens. please let me know!

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by LUVMUFF9326

i just had a orange and yelllow couple have babies again, what i do is the minute the mom has eggs in her mouth i put her in a 10g 4 10 days. then i put her in a breeder box ($8 at lfs) THEN on day 14,if she hasnt spit out babies i strip them from her mouth into breeder box,put her back in 10g for about a week then back into 55g she goes. the babies stay in box 4 10 days then i release them into 10g til there big enuff for 55g or i sell them to a ma n pa lfs. NOW MINE ARE AFRICAN so im not sure if this applies to your fish but this is my 2nd batch,1st 1 didnt even know til i had 2 babies swimmin in 55g but this time i caught it n have 22 out of 23 alive n well. 1 was dead at birth , but if same applies 2 your fish they HAVE TO be stripped from ma around day 14 becuase she will either start starving to death or eat her babies ........hope this helps

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by dream2reef

I just had a fry from the fish below, which I know nothing about, and some other random fish. I have a bunch of different cichlids only one of which I have two of. So I won't know until they color a little more. I hope it's one of the other hybrids then I get a hybrid hybrid. Or something like that. Thing is mine and also are mouth brooders. I never strip any eggs I let natural selection happen. But if it's quantity you want...anyway seems noone has actually helped lol. But seperating the parents and eggs, if possible, then I would and do some googling. Figure out if you need to keep the mom or keep the father or none together for how long. blah blah blah. Nothing like unplanned pregnancies!
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need help asap pls

6 posts

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