ok i need some thoughts and advice!!!

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ok i need some thoughts and advice!!!

by prodigalson91

i want to do a planted tank, but alot of people told me
not to do or even worry about live plants.
i think it looks a whole better with live plants.

i wanna know what you all think.
Give me some ideas

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by Alasse

Live plants are the best...

There are quite a few hardy type that are great for starting out, or like me for low tech/maintenance tanks :)

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by yasherkoach

anubias is a great beginner live plant

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by natalie265

Live plants can be challenging, but there are a few that are pretty easy to grow. Cryptocoryn wendtii is my favorite.

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by Squeaker2009

I have my first tank right now and have had some success with live plants. Just make sure you choose fish that aren't very destructive to their environment and you shouldn't have a problem. If all else fails, algae is a live plant.

ok i need some thoughts and advice!!!

5 posts

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