My Fish Tank is FULL of Food! HELP!!!!!!!!

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My Fish Tank is FULL of Food! HELP!!!!!!!!

by Vero

My daughter went to feed the fish yesterday morning and when she tipped over the canister the lid wasn't on right so ALL the food fell in the tank. We fished out as much as we could, (it was the morn we were in a hurry) last night I vacuumed out half the tank. Its green, SO cloudy. I found 3 tetras dead when i vaccumed. The 3 mollies, 4 guppies & 1 platy are still alive. I can't see the other 5 tetras, HOW do I save my fish??? :-(

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by devina

Keep vacuming out gravel and do another 50% water change if you don't ammonia will keep rising

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by natalie265

I agree. Just keep doing major water changes until the water is back to normal. If you don't already have a kit to test your water for ammonia and nitrate, i'd get one now.

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by yasherkoach

unfortunately, fish will eat food until they die...every fish has this instinctual way about them because int he wild a fish does not know when it will eat next, so when food is available the fish will eat and eat until it actually harms the fish

I agree with the water change, change out about 50-75% of the water at least twice a week...ALWAYS WATER TEST as you do these water changes...DO NOT FEED THE FISH even a little, the fish will be fine if you fast them for 5 days...your tank may go through mini cycling for the good bacteria will be overwhelmed by the fish poop (after having eaten) which in turn will drive up the ammonia

continue to do the (liquid) water tests and water not add any more fish even if you lose more

let us know the latest liquid water tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph and temperature

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by Alasse

Had this happen...gotta love kids eh *L*

I personally took the fish out and any decor. Did a 75% waterchange making sure to fully deep gravel clean. Refilled the tank and did another 75% surface gravel waterchange, refilled again and then did another surface gravel clean to make sure all food was removed, once tube no longer showed food, refilled, floated fish in tank, slowly adding the new water to the container, once i felt the temp was the same i released them. You need to get the food out or you will have a major ammonia spike and it will kill the fish.

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by fedric

I used to have my breeder tanks set at 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Do you have an established tank or did you make a filter change lately.

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My Fish Tank is FULL of Food! HELP!!!!!!!!

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