Currents in the tank

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Currents in the tank

by liam1995

Is my current too strong for my 20 gall tank? The fish always swim into it, does this mean they like it? How do I stop all my plants from leaning over to one side because of the current? Is it possible?

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by yasherkoach

if it is a water flow pump, just direct it against the side of the tank that is away from the plants...plants can handle a slight amount of current (it actually helps to clean off the petals), but too much sway is not good

most freshwater fish like a good current for they come from streams and/or rivers, so do not concern yourself too much here

what type of current device are you using...air stones, water flow pump, skimmer, canister out-takes? please tell us, this info will help

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by Alasse

Depends what fish you have, some fish require lots of current, for others it can be stressful

If the filter is internal put it onto the back wall and aim it at the front of the tank, this is what i do for my angels

Currents in the tank

3 posts

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