Banded Sharks??

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Would you ever keep a banded shark in you aquarium?

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Banded Sharks??

by littlej2455

I have been keeping aquariums for about a year now, and I have had an interest in banded sharks. I have read that these fish are for experts which is kind of intimating. So I just had a few questions about these sharks. What is a good size tank for these sharks? I have seen people put them in 50 gallon tanks, and I personally think that that size aquarium is way to small for these fish. What do you have to do different to these fish that make them harder to keep than just a regular salt water tank? Is it better to get these fish as eggs or already hatched? How many can you put in one tank? What is the best diet for the sharks? What are some good tank mates for the shark? Any information will help me. Thank you very much!

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by snowboss

Welcome littleJ,

relatively new to salt tanks myself and no expierience with sharks other than I can say that I have seen them on LFS sites and most of them are specifying 1000 gallons minimum for a banded shark - on a side note all the ones i've seen did not have tank mates, other than feeder fish, and you know what their there for,lol just my 2 cents

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by saltwaterpimp

you need atleast a 180 gallon tank any thing smaller is not acceptable. you need to be a expert. i would wait a few years need to be able to maintain water parameters.

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by angus4481

i agree with the pimp. you will waste more money than you think. sharks have a different attitude than fish. if you can, WAIT! you will know why in a few weeks, your water goes through more changes than the fish, or shark. if you trust me, wait till you know bout tides, its a major effect on sharks and part of there ecosystem. wait till ur smarter than ur lsp person. just my opinion

Banded Sharks??

4 posts

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