Hello Everyone - New here, could use some advice.

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Hello Everyone - New here, could use some advice.

by ashaw582

Hi all,

I am new to the hobby. My tank is only 2 months old. Just thought I would say hi to everyone, and ask a question or two. Any advice is much appreciated. I added my 3 fish after a month, and my 3 corals after another month. I am wondering when I can add another fish (I want to add a yellow claarki clown), a cleaner shrimp and a clam. I also want to know what the rule on time in between adding corals is. Thanks in advance :)

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by jerimeb

on the clam u need high lighting for the . coarl poops like fish. try one a week, test ur water watch ur nitrite, nitrate, ammona,ect.. cleaner shrimp r cool to watch clean the fish. i got 4 in my 110gal.stay under one inch per gal with the fish. try more live rock. good start!

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by mirrorpad

As stated above, lighting is very important for clams. As for the extra clown this may be an issue with conflicts with the exsisting one. You would be better with another percula clown if you only have the one (can only see one).

Hello Everyone - New here, could use some advice.

3 posts

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