discus tank

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discus tank

by tinadno

Hey guys...I'm starting a discus tank and have been reading and researching anything I can get my hands on about them but also wanted to get some tips you may have from your own experiences with discus. Feel free to tell me anything you think I should know Thanks!

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by yasherkoach

all that I know about discus fish are two things: very pretty & very expensive (usually run about $70 for one fish)

I am sure others have more direct experience with this fish

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by djjai_h

Yes even im starting my discus next week wit red map / red melon / yellow melon & blue diamonds discus. In india it cost 8,000rs per pair. Means US DOLLAR around 200$ for a breeding full size pair.

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by Holidays

no idea about the supply in your area there are plenty of small size discus in ohio for around $30 check http://www.aquabid.com/ if you want a larger ones with nice round shape and bright color then probably $100

discus tank

4 posts

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