Too many bubbles?

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Too many bubbles?

by raulgocubs

Ok so just started my first saltwater tank ever. I've had freshwater for 8 years and now I'm into saltwater. I have a 36 gallon bow front and I'm using two filters that hang on the back. These filters are from aqueon and I've used them for my freshwater all the time, but since I'm using two, they are making way too many bubbles. Is this a bad thing for my fish? I already dislike it because of the salt creep, but I'm mostly worried about my fish, are too many bubbles bad for them? what type of filtration should I use instead? it's a FOWLR set up.

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by itsanono

Your tank needs help... not getting many replies here?

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by Flinch

In general they will make more work for you and wont hurt your fish but and air bubble is like a cu-coon for air taking it back to the surface, it more just traps it. You want to disturb the water surface not break it, this causes a reaction between the air and the surface of the water, i believe its called air to water Atomization. this is what your fish need to breath through their gills not physical air bubbles. In rare cases if there are to many bubbles that t clouds the tank it can be hard for your fishes gills to extract oxygen molecules from the water passing over them. Try adjusting your filters so they so not break the surface so much if you feel its to much. Bubblers and such are fine and pose no threat.

I hope this is helpful, take each piece of information with a grain f salt and make the best call for what you see in your tank.

Too many bubbles?

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