Snail War!!!

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by cwilkin

I have 5 clown loaches and 3 pearl gouramis 8 dawrf gouramis. The reason why my fish are not eating snails is that this is my Discus tank and I have to feed them alot to keep the Discus healthy so therefore my other snail eating fish are just being lazy andd not eating snails. Its a no win situation lol. I got some more Discus today. Im gonna start a new thread with pics to chow the changees when they arent being as shy.

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by Tmercier834747


Be wary of Dwarf Puffers around long-finned fish. Its true they are amazing at snail control because unlike many loaches they will not eat regular fish food, but they are also much more territorial. Don't be fooled by their size. If you currently are keeping the little guy with long-finned docile fish its possible he/she is a juvenile and hasn't become fully aggressive and territorial yet. Just be wary.

Its good that you seem to have decided to go with one. They don't coexist well with their own kind unless a M/F ratio of 3:1 is maintained generally, and even then will require heavily decor(ed) and/or planted tanks to break line of sight and give room for territorial boundaries.

My dwarf puffer was without a doubt the coolest tropical fish I've yet owned. He would watch me as I moved about the living room vacuuming or w/e I was doing..and not in an Angel Fish kind of way (bastard always just wants food). Was truly sad when he caught an internal parasite he couldn't shake.

Also your LFS employee is correct about clown loaches. They can grow quite large and shouldn't be kept in aquariums under 50 gal as adults...preferably 75...
This seems to be a very common misconception amongst fish keepers.

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by yasherkoach

dwarf chain loaches are your best bet

Snail War!!!

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