Dwarf Gourami Bloated Stomach

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Dwarf Gourami Bloated Stomach

by HeidiG

My Dwarf Gourami is not doing well. He had been hanging out at the bottom of the tank for a while and now likes to stay under the breeder net. Recently, his stomach has started to get bloated. It is getting bigger each day. I have not noticed him eating lately.

The tank tests have normal limits and all other fish are doing well.

For a while we thought he was obsessed with the fry. When our guppy gave birth, he would be right by her side to grab as many as he could. We have 15 fry in various stages in our net.

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by nicholas542

try feeding him some peas that cleans out their digestive tract. Kind of like a person taking metamucil ( fiber )

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by snostorm

if he starts looking like a pine cone it's time to put him down

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by tekneb

Snostorm is right. Try to view the gourami from the top. If his scales are jutting out from his body, similar to how a pine cone looks, he is suffering from a condition known as dropsy. Dropsy is the bodies reaction to an internal bacterial infection. The bad news is that it is very rarely curable, the good news is that it also is rarely contagious. However, dropsy is often a sign of poor water quality, so be sure to test all your levels JIC.

Dwarf Gourami Bloated Stomach

4 posts

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