Red Tai Crab Molting???????

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Red Tai Crab Molting???????

by TIMnMISS4687

My Red Tai Crab just got done molting for the second time in about 4 weeks. I was thinking they only molted once or twice a year. He is a very healthy looking and his moltings look good too. Does anyone know how often and/or what triggers molting? Mr. Crabs appreciates everyone's advice.

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by angus4481

they molt for all sorts of reasons. stress and growth mostly, inverts salt or fresh, once they reach max siz start to molt less. i have a lg salt hermit, he molts bout once ever two or three months, he grows so quick

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by timnmiss

ah, i see. Mr. Crabs is growing quickly as well. He is a strapping crab. Thank you

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by freshwaterpleco

The crab grew quickly

Red Tai Crab Molting???????

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