Saltwater fish from PetCO Online

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Saltwater fish from PetCO Online

by piscesamans

Hello, I see that petco sells saltwater fish online extremely cheap. I have heard some bad things about their fish. I heard they do not live that long. Has anyone purchased fish from them or know someone who has with success?

I have only had a saltwater tank for a year, I am still very new. Any advice will help. I included a close-up of the damsels.

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by dream2reef

My advice...go to jus sayin

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by jdak702

It's and thanks dream... why havent you stopped by? Its not like petco makes these fish not last as long. whoever you heard that from is a retard. Sure they might not be kept in the best conditions and petco houses fish that they have no business housing but to say their fish are basically designed or programmed not to live as long as other stores fish is ridiculous.

Saltwater fish from PetCO Online

3 posts

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