marine lighting in a freshwater Tank

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marine lighting in a freshwater Tank

by you971

Have had my 4ft freshwater tank setup now for about a month and the temp stays around 32 degress, This a little to high for my liking. I looked under the hood and noticed it had 2 Sylvania aquastar f36w, 10000k marine lights in it. (are these fluros know to be hot)Am i able to use these for a freshwater tank or are these what could be causing the high temp in my tank. (it is not the heater, took it out). Any help would be appreciated.

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by Alasse

I have plant lighting on my tank and the tank gets hot (35C) in summer, not too bad in winter.

The only way to lower the temp is to open the hood or install fans to either draw the heat out or blow cool air in.

Marine lights though arent suitable if you have live plants :)

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by nicholas542

marine bulbs arn't suitable for plant growth. You need a more full specrtum light with a lower K rating

marine lighting in a freshwater Tank

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