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newbie question

by devina

Just set up a new 60 gallon tank and my ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are spiking 1, 20, 20
Just wondering if that is normal. I am doing weekly water changes 10% tetra ex 70 filter also I took 5 small goldfish from my pond from what I read this cycling process is weird

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by dream2reef

yea common just w8 til 0's occur constant. congrats on the system! cant wait for some pics!

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by yasherkoach

tetra ex 70 filter is too small, your filtration should always be at least 10 times the size of your tank...your tank is 60 gallon, therefore, you should have a filter or filters running at at least 600 gallon per hour (gph), where as the filter you have right now only runs at 340 gph

1, 20, 20 looks okay....just do your water changes, continue water testing and do not overload the tank with too many fish (goldfish like temps between 65-75 which helps because at that temp the oxygen level is very high - colder water = more oxygen, warmer water = less oxygen)

let us know how it goes

newbie question

3 posts

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