Showing off the new crab tank

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by mzhantsche

The crabs are very cool because they are constantly foraging for food. They wrestle around. I put a hole nightcrawler in the tank and 5 crabs jump on it and rip it apart. One of the coolest feedings i have ever scene.

I have also thought about making a set up for Newts,frogs, water dragons, and anything that loves land and water. Its really important that you know what u want to put in it so the specifications can be made to that critter.

I am almost finished with my buddys crab tank. and will be posting pictures soon.

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by cwilkin

I had crabs in my frog tank which I think after seeing this I need to add a pic :) All of thee crabs died eventually. They were in my 30 gallon tank but they started eatn my plants lol. I have a crab tank and I want to have a cool setup like that! It looks GREAT!!!

Showing off the new crab tank

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