Just got my first saltwater tank

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Just got my first saltwater tank

by dellyjoe

hello everyone i just got my first saltwater tank a 30g breeder tank i hope that was a good choose.

and i picked up a filter a rapids pro filter model rp3 ad pr3 plus

but i can not get it to work

i prime everything like it tells me and i start everything up and i just watch the water level in the filter go all the way down to about 2 inches off the filter

by the way the box for the filter says 40 to 150g tanks just a fyi

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by tekneb

I am not a saltwater expert, nor do I own a rapids pro filter, but I had the exact same problem problem when I installed my own canister filter (a Marineland Magnum 350) a few months ago. It turned out the problem was that the filter just didn't have enough oomph to get water flowing into the intake tube. Water would pump out, but no new water would come in. What I finally did to remedy it was close the valves on both tubes, disconnect the intake tube from the canister, open the valve, suck water into it until the tube was full, close the valve, then reconnected everything and opened all the valves. Again, I could be way off on this one, but if what I'm saying makes sense then give it a try lol.

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by jdak702

I would recommend dumping the filter and just getting some powerheads...

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by dream2reef

teknebs right you have to create a sump one way or another

Just got my first saltwater tank

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