New tank pic update

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New tank pic update

by nicholas542

Heres a new updated pic of my newbie planted tank. With new plants and a new fish
c992a-update 2.jpg
d2f1d-koi angel.jpg

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by yasherkoach

very nice nic...much better than the last two aquascape pictures combined

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by jdak702

looks good!

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by Alasse

Very nice indeed!

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by mzhantsche

Really cool. Im going to try and go all live plants on my next tank.

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by natalie265

That's beautiful! Love the black neon tetras!

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by esparzar1

Great looking tank! Looks really green. I'd love to have plants in my tank but my Cichlids destroy think black sand would put that tank over the top!

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by dream2reef

What plants do cichlids NOT destroy?

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by nicholas542

Thanks for the feedback guys now i could use some suggestions on plant additions. You can read my profile to see what i got, and what would be good additions.

New tank pic update

9 posts

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